Floating above a treasured entrance, a unique  rooftop infinity pool embellishes beautiful Tinos Island in Greece’s Cyclades archipelago. The largest of its kind, Tinos Island has recently become a focal point for architectural inspiration. Among the island’s derelict windmills and over 1000 artistic dovecotes, sculptors and painters have found inspiration and so did Athens-based studio Kois Associated Architects when creating the fascinating Mirage House.

The rocky hills defining this beautiful island’s topography were the inspiration for such an enticing project. Rugged terrain of unspoiled scenery lays as an invitation to explore living possibilities. Integrating the house into this picturesque landscape was the ultimate goal. The cavernous house ended up serving a higher inspiration purpose once the rimless infinity pool started reflecting the sun. One single level was enough for the owners and the 210 square meters offer a spacious collection of rooms.

An open air living room sits below the infinity pool, tying the Aegean Sea to daily life and seamlessly connecting it to the excavated interiors. Facing south over the Aegean Sea, this home was imagined as part of its surroundings, so locally sourced materials and the characteristic dry wall construction methods were used to achieve this. Thanks to the team’s creativity, the island’s unforgettable landscape will bear this unique rooftop infinity pool as proof of dreams coming true.

Imagine yourself lounging in the pool with your favorite drink in one hand, captured in-between stars shining from above and mirroring in the pool … is that how heaven must feel like?