Once in a while, a project so spectacular comes along that it inspires millions. After seeing the awe-inspiring rooftop infinity pool floating over unspoiled Greek scenery, we indulge in admiring another enriching architectural progress. Today it’s time for the suspended Pole House to be shared so that it can flood minds with creative ideas and rise above “it can’t be done”.

The enlightened team in charge of this sleek project –  F2 Architecture – imagined a home where what was omitted was as important as what was inserted. The unbelievable home was designed to look as if it was trying to break free from the ground both vertically and horizontally.

Its location – Fairhaven Beach, Australia – encouraged architects to suspend the residential structure on a concrete platform supported by a 13 meter high “pole” and accesible via a narrow concrete bridge. The suspended Pole House showcases metal clad walls intersecting clear glass ones, offering a stunning 180 degree view of the Southern Ocean.

Diamond-shaped and surrounded by transparent glass railings, the stunning home provides a cozy open plan including a spacious living and dining area, a bedroom and bathroom – just enough for an exciting weekend alone, contemplating the ocean or a small gathering that sparks up a private party.

We’d love to know: How would you spend your time here, if this was your weekend home?