Dear Freshome readers, what are your thoughts on rustic summer kitchens? Mirza Horatiu Bogdan from designs and develops charming cooking areas meant for temporary use during warm summer months. We asked him to share some of the models with us, as we are constantly seeking for genuine design ideas. Pleasantly surprised by the diversity of these traditional kitchens, we instantly thought of presenting them further. Enjoy the picture gallery below, pick your favorite project and let’s get the conversation started!

#1. Visual Harmony: Cristi’s summer kitchen

A perfect outdoor atmosphere that invites you to prepare a fresh fish on the lake shore or hot grill on the terrace. This small, yet highly efficient cottage kitchen inspires visual harmony at its best. The design embeds a workbench roaster (85x50cm), wooden grill (85x50cm) oven for pizza and bread, plus good storage facilities for various accessories.


2. Royal Purple: Carolina’s Rustic Kitchen

Purple is a royal color. It is also the color of inspiration, making this design the perfect witness for your advanced cooking objectives. Carolina’s kitchen comes with a sink space with green door, black hinges, a generous counter top, wood stove and barbecue facilities. A traditional wooden oven guarantees genuine and unforgettable taste delights.

3. Color-Changing Lighting: Pasca’s Summer Kitchen

Going into the heart of the Apuseni Mountains in Romania feels like stepping into a fairytale land: baked apples, juice squeezed from fresh grapes, steamy bread just removed from the oven and seemingly enchanted summer evenings. Pasca’s kitchen is a blend of rustic and modern, delivering a unique experience. Some of the functional assets included in this project were a brick entrance patio, a large body refrigerator, generously-sized sink area, large traditional wood stove, ice machine, cellar and a brick bar. A contemporary effect was added by using color-changing lighting. Find the result appealing?

4. Transylvania Castle Outdoor Kitchen

By combining wood, brick and carved stone, this kitchen was well adapted to its imposing location in Transylvania, Romania. Despite its imposing size, the design exudes romantic vibes, due to the wrought iron decorations. The owners of this summer kitchen can enjoy its barbecue facilities, large worktable, traditional wooden stove, pizza oven and sink space.

5. Yellow Melon 360°

Our senses feed of what surrounds us and this charming kitchen- with its genuine look and abilities- completes a summer outdoor experience. Yellow Mellon 360° is composed of several modules, including a traditional smokehouse, cooking stove, iron cast barbecue, traditional wooden oven, a large work table with sink and built half round edges, functional in all four sides.

 6. White Farmhouse Summer Kitchen

This lovely summer kitchen was perfectly integrated within a farmhouse estate located on a Danube island in Romania. Complete with a hunter’s table, a grill and and a wooden oven, the project sought to maximize the beauty of the location and deliver a tranquility zone for the owners.


7.  Traditional Romanian Kitchen

Everyone loves fairytale and legends, especially those heard during childhood. This kitchen is inspired by those stories and is an example of well-kept Romanian traditions. Lovely detailing such as ornamental wrought iron, brass hinges, lanterns, wooden doors and a shelf for spices make this kitchen genuine and particularly appealing.

8. Lidia’s  summer Kitchen

The  first spring sun rays invites you to a delicious outdoor meal; an oasis of  bliss in the privacy of your own garden. Lidia’s summer kitchen contains the following modules: wood stove, desk, barbecue, wooden oven for pizza and bread, charming ornaments. Inspiring delicacy and showcasing an original appearance, this cooking area is simply delightful. Find it as inviting as we do?

9. Tradition Greets Minimalism: White Summer Kitchen

Simple and white, this traditional kitchen design greets modern needs in a highly original manner. Owners can enjoy its barbacue facilities in the comfort of their courtyard, as well as its traditional-meets-contemporary design.  A generous work table with storage space makes this small summer kitchen extremely practical.

10. Anamaria’s Summer kitchen

Everyone deserve s  a moment of relaxation in the shade of a verandah, enjoying a fresh beer especially with a juicy barbecue skillfully prepared over smoldering embers. This kitchen design is composed of a sink table, work table, gas hob, grill brick and a table in the console area. Like what you see?

11. Rustic and Adventurous: Hunter-Style Kitchen

Discreetly decorated with rustic details, antique bricks and handcrafted wood, this cottage embedded summer kitchen is interesting to observe in detail. The design embeds a granite counter-top, gas stove with four burners and electric ignition and a wooden door complemented by wrought iron hinges. Despite its intricate finishes, the kitchen displays a rough, adventure-inspired look, which we find inspiring and believe so will you.

12. John’s summer kitchen

New times, old traditions. We decided to complete this list of delightful summer kitchens with a simple, yet captivating design. Entitled “John”s summer kitchen”, the project comes equipped with working table, pizza/bread oven, grill and traditional smokehouse. And what a wonderful background for memorable afternoon meals!