A new Copenhagen restaurant recently opened its doors, welcoming international guests in a vivid space inspired by warm-blooded Latin culture and Scandinavian heritage. The basement-turned-fabulous-restaurant in Copenhagen shows how modern restaurant design composes a very inspiring niche. Copenhagen restaurant group Cofoco commissioned Jonas Hartz (of Hz), Jakob Lange (of BIG), and Lars Larsen (of Kilo) to create a stunning design for the opening of their new restaurant in the city. Llama – Restaurante Sudamericano was the name chosen to define this unique, exotic mixture of cultural heritage elements.

You see, modern restaurant design influences moods, dreams and senses. Someone might dream of a romantic dinner there, others might dream about opening their own restaurant, but all are under the magical spell of aromas, textures and colors.

This enticing mix of aromas places the restaurant’s menu on your “must try” list when visiting Copenhagen: “Llama is among the first restaurants in the region to draw on the flavors of the South American continent. Inspired by Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, and, moving a bit to the north, Mexico, the menu features ceviches, anticuchos, Uruguayan-style meats, tacos, and a list of South American spirits.

But Llama is without question rooted in the Nordic region and aims to thoughtfully and sensibly marry the South American inspiration with Scandinavian products and recipes.” Floors beautifully decorated with handcrafted Mexican cement tiles support the dark furniture, while a green wall livens up the whole establishment. Clustered around the pulsating heart – the bar – three different dining spaces were optimized for seating 180 people two times a night. The flamboyant restaurant was once a dark basement. Now it bursts with laughter and inspires others to follow their pulsating blood’s desire. “From an architectural point of view, I think we have created a remarkable transformation – the main idea of merging two cultures has turned an interpretation of a traditional Latin American vernacular into a contemporary Copenhagen public space.” says BIG Partner Jakob Lange.