Since summer has settled in, we’re all looking to spend less time indoors and enjoy sunshine and fresh air. But what do you do if your garden is close to loosing its signature “space of comfort” fame? Then it’s time for an inspiring make-over! The Esplanade East garden design project brought together Signature Landscapes and COS Design for the creation of a compact, modern and attractive back yard. Nestled in the heart of Port Melbourne, this “entertainers getaway” offers owners the possibility of enjoying their piece of the sky in complete privacy.

Blooming into an amazingly functional garden, design elements and carefully placed lights infuse the compact outdoor space with modern glamour. Here is what the landscape architects had to say about their completed project: “Maximizing space while still providing a highly functional outdoor room was the goal in this compact courtyard. This courtyard has an abundance of seating room, privacy screens, feature walls, BBQ area and a built in sun lounge. With well planned garden lighting, this courtyard can be enjoyed both as an entertaining area or as a visual feature from inside the house in the cooler months.”

The before and after photo looks almost ridiculous – who would have thought that a cramped, boring and neglected back yard can become the neighbor’s envy focus?