Nestled in the hilly shores of Lake Constance, Überlingen Germany is a booming tourist destination. The city’s villages are filled with medieval structures and still hold market days that harken of times past. It’s the perfect spot for visitors searching for a peaceful escape, but it is not entirely in the past. The G12 house, designed by (se)arch Freie Architekten and photographed by Zooey Braun, embraces cutting-edge, modern architecture while offering must-see views of the tranquil countryside.

The premier feature of this house are the floor-to-ceiling windows that cover the entire front face. On the Ground Level, the entrance leads into the spacious kitchen. From the kitchen, there is access to a minimalist living area. Continuing along to the font of the home leads into a dining room and work space, where the wall of windows offers unprecedented ocean views and access to a open-air courtyard in the center of the home. Along one side, there is a library and sleeping quarters, complete with adjacent full bathroom. Beyond the bathroom, the open wooden staircase that also boasts floor-to-ceiling windows.

The stark interior design and blank white walls are continued on the upper, or Garden Level. Offering many of the same spaces as the first floor, there is an additional individual space, kitchen, and full bathroom. Those looking to beat the heat will enjoy the additional summerkitchen. However, the G12 house is not entirely without luxury. In keeping with the modern feel, there is a connected technical space. Plus, visitors who need to take a few moments to relax can also enjoy the private sauna and pool.

With its minimalist furniture and breathtaking views, the G12 House makes a bold statement that location trumps amenities while traveling. Where do you weigh in? Would you be willing to go basic in order to see the sunset here? Or, are you a little more high maintenance?