The vibrant port city of Marseille induces relaxation and an admiration for the surrounding natural and man-made landscape. In between these worlds, the individual is left to contemplate and wonder, explore and be fascinated. In this pulsating city, a chic hair salon makes sure you look divine and encourages you to admire its interiors imagined by designer Margaux Keller and architect Bertrand Guillon. This hairdresser salon – Le Coiffeur Hair Salon – owned by local stylist Pascal Lancien welcomes people with an unconventional interior design. An innovative space arrangement high in functionality, the elegant hairdressing studio captured in photos by Laure Mélone welcomes you with matte black lacquered steel framing large windows.

Expert hairdressing products chosen by Pascal himself were showcased at the entrance. Upon entering the bright space, client’s steps are guided to the colorful waiting area, from where you can enjoy the vibrancy until it’s your turn. Here is how the floor-plan got occupied by color and cheerfulness: “For shampoo services, Keller has designed a one-sided wooden cabana, discreetly tucked at the end of the space for privacy. Haircuts and styling take place at individual desks called ‘La Coiffeuse’ that come with arched, slightly hooded mirrors to further preserve a sense of intimacy for clients.

The creative thinking behind the salon is visible throughout its interior. From suspended glass pendant lights, blown in Italy and inspired by the shape of vintage hairdryers, to the simple sofa and coffee table that adorn the salon’s waiting area, there is an alluring tone to the modern space, which has been realized in the muted seaside tones of azure blue and yellow. Keller was also careful to retain plenty of southern French touches. Not only is the shampoo cabana inspired by the cabins of Marseille fishermen, the mix of concrete and tile on the shop floor is also a nod to Provençal tradition.”

Gentleman can benefit from professional service for their mustaches in the “Barbier” dedicated space. Next time in Marseille, a new haircut can help you anchor your memories of the city, what do you think?