What does a gardener’s home look like? Well, there’s an example in Krakow, Poland, that can shift your perspective on how much living space a person needs. Compact homes don’t necessarily mean boring homes. In the hands of creative architects like Arciteckt.Lemanski, client’s wishes are turned into fabulous, example-worthy homes. Rising up towards the sky via a curved volume sheltering the staircase, the playful architecture of the house named Domo Dom provokes a powerful first impression.

The siding and angled windows hint towards the internal floor plan but reveal nothing but a fun, impressive architectural style. Indoor spaces were kept simple and functional, just as the client requested. A dining/living space downstairs connects the outdoor deck to the kitchen.

Leading up to the bedroom area above the garage, the staircase proved the most important feature of all. It transformed what could have been a small home into an exemplary work of residential art. And underneath, the small bathroom fits in perfectly. All around the peculiar construction, stones create an even deeper play of geometry, a frame that speaks about the owner’s passion and work.

In the photographs taken by Tomasz Zakrzewski we can see the unusual building from different vantage points and understand how even the deck elongates the living spaces outdoors. In good weather, the seamlessly connected indoor/outdoor spaces almost double the square footage.The entrance was placed at the side of the house and adorned with a protective overhang. Seen on Trendir, this stunningly playful architecture defines not only the need for visual candy, but also the need for simplicity and functionality.