Investing a few hours each day to turn his ordinary hedge into a massive sculpture of a dragon, John Brooker made his Frizzleton Farm property a magical land. We were pleasantly surprised by this man’s ability and ambition to shape a 100 feet long, 20 feet high dragon out of his living fence. Spending a decade of his life shaping each detail, 75 year-old gardener John Brooker transformed his hedge in Norfolk into an ambitious work of art photographed by Damien McFadden.

Seen on This Is Colossal, the massive green dragon hedge faces the street while its ambitiously manicured body serpents along the property.  From the nostrils above the open mouth, past the large wings and down to the six sets of legs, the dragon’s details were carefully sculpted into virality. It took 10 years because the perfectionist gardener was adding details after details as the hedge started to take a dragon’s shape. We can all agree that his ambition and perseverance finally pays off.