The same studio that imagined DJ Avicii’s house in Hollywood Hills also designed this heavenly Beverly Hills House. With a carefully manicured lawn surrounding an inviting pool in the back garden, the modern house in Beverly Hills draws in Californian sun all day long. Infusing interiors with a vibrant, natural feel, McClean Design imagined a suite of residential spaces starting from the original layout: “This residence is a remodel of an existing home that was designed in a contemporary style during the 1970s. Although the structure itself was in good shape the house did not take advantage of its wonderful views and did not contain the required amount of bedrooms and ancillary rooms necessary for a house of this size.”

Now showcasing a refreshing design and openness towards city panoramas, this private Beverly Hills House was stripped down to its frames before the architecture studio began re-imagining it as a contemporary place to live a modern life. This also encouraged framing views of Los Angeles and a greater transparency between different areas. Increasing the height of the ceilings in the main living spaces also created a visually larger space.

From under these tall ceilings, it feels natural to step outside under the overwhelmingly blue sky. The architects say they’re already “working with the owner on a major expansion of the house including a new guest house, wellness spa, elevated walkways and further additions to the main house itself.”

Working with a simple materials palette but keeping things interesting by adding a few details for warmth, architects managed to create an inviting Californian home. It looks as the house is almost completely open to the outdoors and high above the city, it should be. The privacy offered by the location and architecture is used to its full extent.

Daytime pool lounging or nighttime drinks with friends become the moments you focus on when you hear: “Go to your happy place”.