This stunning leisure home has an unusual story. It was built as a second home for a couple who lives in an apartment in São Paulo, but did not want to spend hours on end in the car to get away from the bustling city during weekends. With a small daughter and another baby on the way, this family commissioned CR2 Arquitetura to built them a 185 square meter leisure home less than a kilometer from the apartment they inhabit now.

This Brazilian heaven photographed by Rafaela Netto is a compact, sleek and functional home that extends the family’s happiness by allowing them to enjoy a manicured green space outdoors. Private and displaying flexible spaces, the modern leisure home is protected by a wooden pergola overlooking the garden and thrives on sunshine that floods the spaces with natural light.

The name of this home comes from its property dimensions – 7 x 37 m – which required a “rational construction, that optimizes the construction site, so we chose the metallic structure and the house was constructed in just eight months.” Resulting in a home that looks larger than it really is, this project is described as a multi-functional, site-specific dream home: “The initial request was a compact house, with flexible spaces considering a barbecue grill, a swimming pool, two suites and a big green area (as they live in an apartment)

The garden, together with the artistic panel designed by Athos Bulcão Foundation, connects all the social area of the house at the ground floor: leisure, kitchen / living and family room. This panel, along the entire length of the pool, is a tribute to the Brazilian modernist architecture and the client, who came from Brasilia and grew seeing the artist’s works. The kitchen/living room is a multiuse space, without any walls with a long bench that contains all the sinks, grill, cabinets, etc, from one side to another of the space.”