A new home is often mistaken for a place to eat, sleep and relax. But it’s more than that, ever since we started understanding sustainability. Take the Great Gulf Active House by Superkül inc as example: a home that “sets a new precedent in Canadian residential development”.

Designed for one of Canada’s largest home builders –  Great Gulf – the sleek architectural style was backed up by environmental responsibility and energy efficiency. Occupying a lot in a new suburb outside of St. Catharines, Thorold, ON, Canada, the 3,290 square feet residence photographed by Torben Eskerod showcases its highly contemporary silhouette with great pride.

According to the architects, this innovative home was cleverly designed to fit in its environment: “The design strategy considered the environmental impact of the entire lifecycle of the home from concept to performance. The house is oriented with the long roof slope and major glazing facing south, maximizing the efficiency of the solar hot-water system and passive solar gain.

Two intersecting axes guide the open plan of the interior to promote cross breezes and the multitude of skylights and windows create naturally light-filled spaces and minimize the need for artificial light. An exterior deck that aligns with the width of the living room reinforces the visually seamless extension of the interior spaces.”

Run on 100% renewable source energy, the home is ready to take on the future.