This minimalist house design is the result of a collaboration between architect Julio Vila Cortell and Viraje Arquitectura. Oficially entitled House V02, the project is located in  in Valencia, Spain and displays an imposing silhouette. A clean and well defined geometry makes it stand out in its historic neighborhood, while the unassuming gray&white color palette enhances its modern personality.

Walking through the entrance hallway makes one think of an elegant art gallery. A double-height living and dining space suddently distrupts the visitor’s array of sober thoughts. It is within this inspiring contemporary interior that white and gray are complemented by a wide variety of color inserts, adding up to a warm and vibrant social zone.

Paintings and artwork adorn the walls, while the second level proudly displays a large bookcase. It is interesting to observe how the designers mixed comfort and creativity in order to counterbalance the common rigid feel induced by minimalism. [Photography: Germán Cabo ]