How does it feel to be the proud owner of a luxury villa in Brazil? We should ask Brazilian TV presenter Alex Lerner, he’s enjoying his fascinating home in Rio de Janeiro as we take a virtual tour via photos by G + SG fotografia de arquitectura. Imagined by Studio Arthur Casas (whom you might remember building the fabulous Baleia Condo residential complex) this home was built to serve the owner with a comfy, elegant and private heaven.

Evergreen vegetation surrounds this piece of heaven adorned with cumaru wood and vivid greenery. Two guest rooms and two more apartments for the maid and the gardener are situated on the lower level. On the third level, the master bedroom showcases framed panoramas of the ocean beyond the glass.

Clean design lines and floor-to-ceiling sliding glass panels make for a modern “shell” divided into social and private spaces. From the inside, all is open and inviting – a fusion of indoor and outdoor designed with utmost care. The spacious swimming pool was one of the owner’s requests. Also, the stone used to erect this luxury Brazilian villa has the same color as the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem – this was a special request that was put into play in a modern, attractive way.

Spreading over 5,200-square-feet, the home was set up on two levels with the main entrance located on the second level. Here, the living area extends out to the pool deck, gathering stunning panoramas of the surroundings. There are numerous places that exude a heavenly feeling. This is one of them, do you agree?