Do you take joy in going to the ophthalmologist? You just might after seeing this modern eye clinic imagined as a place of wonder, an adult’s version of an eye doctor’s fairyland.  Carefully selecting materials and light details, creative minds of Sergey Estrin Architectural Studios captured the essence of eye care in a modern, hope-filled atmosphere inside this professional education center for vision care specialists.

Eye care professionals work in an environment that is not only visually delightful, but also warm and calming. A rounded Corian reception desk showcasing “lashes” of glowing acrylic glass is the focal point once you enter the Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Institute Offices in Moscow. Copper walls define an otherwise sterile environment. Avoiding the “classical”, fearful use of white and replacing it with bright lights hidden in the design, architects enlivened the spaces. Bright colors and brand-related stylized dandelions appear as accents throughout.

From floor-to-ceiling, glowing glass inserts installed by NAYADA between the copper panels create the sense of a larger space. Contrasting with the discreet monochromatic design interiors, these geometric design insertions break the monotony by offering a multitude of visual dimensions.

Here are a few details that shine light on architectural solutions employed in this inspiring modern eye clinic: “Dubbing of walls is made using gray water-resistant panels. Eye examination rooms require limitations on natural light, so deaf walls are located everywhere in these premises. At the same time, there is no feeling of an enclosed space – as windows are located at the ends of all corridors. The interior is harmoniously enlivened by white laminated doors. The opal film on the glass partitions and doors is made according to the architects’ designs. The internal walls of the auditorium used for conferences and performances are lined with trapezoidal panels. LED light strips are mounted at the ends. The walls with geometric patterns, tables with beveled bases and triangular lights, all form a very dynamic space. Convertible partitions allow controlling the interior space of the auditorium.

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