A beautiful family home with angular roof design rises in Australia’s Canberra hills. With “different activities within the house uniquely expressed on the exterior“, the angular roof home known as the Narrabundah House conveys the feeling of a good life. By designing angular roof canopies adorning the front and back terraces, the architect managed to showcase an invitation through architecture. The facade angular room seems to funnel in the views, while the backgarden angular design lines funnel out to the garden. It seems to me like this house takes in urban stress only to exude peace and tranquility the way a tree breathes in carbon dioxide and breathes out life-maintaining oxygen. A 100-year-old eucalyptus tree on the property anchors this idea.

A central hallways separates the living area from the resting spaces: “The living areas open to the north at the rear, harnessing the winter sun and addressing an elegant eucalypt. At the front they twist dramatically to the south east, catching beautiful views over Scott St and across rolling country towards the distant Cuumbuen Nature Reserve.” Thanks to photos by Michael Downes of UA Creative, we can enjoy Australian architect’s Adam Dettrick work of modern art with fantastic living functions. Built by Innovative Building Projects, this immaculately designed modern home is also friendly with nature. “Sustainability principles and simple passive design techniques underpin the environmental performance of this home, with good orientation, sun shading, double glazing, heavy insulation and non-toxic materials combining to provide year round comfort and liveability. Exterior materials are utilitarian – chosen for their robustness, character and economy.

Some are adventurous with their home design. Are you one for geometric playfulness in architecture?