Baku-based multimedia artist Faig Ahmed creates original works of art by reinventing traditional Azerbaijan carpets. According to My Modern Met, the artist disassembles the conventional structure of the rugs and randomly rearranges their components while taking inspiration from contemporary geometry. The result is simply hypnotizing: an array of irregular lines – some fluid, some minimalist- emerging from well-established classic patterns.

The combination of traditional and modern is a key aspect defining Faig Ahmed’s work: “My art is directed towards transforming these boundaries beyond any recognition. To be honest, things I do are now always right and beautiful ones, I do it without thinking, it’s my instantaneous expression. Same changes happen in the world of today each day – ideas that have been formed for ages are being changed in moments. I just make bold experiments, putting them into the art scene, trusting myself and my art in viewers will“. We know most of you would probably like to view these works in a museum, but would you consider experimenting the use of these carpets at home?