Did you ever dream of owning a unique lakeshore home? If not, be prepared to lay your head down every night and dream about this spectacular home: the Lakeshore Residence, designed by Miró Rivera Architects. It’s true that both the location and the owner’s origins collaborated to shaping such a magnificent modern home. Originally from Gujarat, India, the couple wanted to live in a lakeshore home where their traditions meet a modern design language suited for giving life to their own family. The house sited in Houston, Texas, provoked the architecture studio to find an inspiring solutions that would “accommodate the extended visits of their family while incorporating elements of the rich traditions of their homeland“.

Besides, they requested extensive use of white stone and glass. This was put into play as a duet of materials: white stone and copper outside and white stone and wood inside. Expanding the carefully studied architecture into the landscape, architects created a welcoming front yard that would complement the inspiring architecture. “The architects studied Indian architectural precedents such as stone domes, step-wells, and temple towers, incorporating abstracted versions into the entry sequence, landscape and the puja (prayer) room, the tallest element in the building according to Indian tradition (…) Generous balconies and an outdoor living room provide access to air and light while the step-wells, reminiscent of those in Gujarat, transition between dwelling and water.”