There is something particularly appealing about high places and their ability to reveal a general perspective on things. The Sohlbergplassen Viewpoint was designed by Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk and allows visitors to enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view in Stor-Elvdal, Norway. The geometry and structure of the platform is said to be inspired by the densely growing pine trees on the hill side and the distant mountains.

Believe it or not, the scenery is not the most impressive component of this project. What we love most about this viewing platform is that its completion meant no damage to the environment: “It was crucial to find a foundation system that would not destroy any roots. The ground in the area was frost-free at 2.7 meters – any traditional foundation would imply substantial excavation, and cut down of most of the trees”, the architects explained.  The structure is supported by thin steel core pillars, drilled to rock, in some places more than 12 meters below the ground. A staircase leads to the space underneath the platform and further down the hill to the lake. The floor has a hardly noticeable tilt outwards, making users feel pulled towards the view.