Emphasizing on the need for homeless dog adoption, IKEA teamed up with Singapore-based SOSD and the Animal Lovers League Shelter in launching the Home for Hope project. With a limited budget, the shelters can only spread the word about pets in need of a home through social media. But the people who follow the official social media pages of the animal shelters usually already have a pet of their own. For the much needed exposure of these pets, IKEA created life-size cardboard cutouts from photographs of homeless dogs and integrated them in the company’s showrooms.

Until June 6th, two Ikea stores in Singapore will feature 26 different life-size cardboard cut-outs of dogs available for adoption. Each dog has QR code tagged to its collar, leading to the Home for Hope official website for more information, a bio and even a short film featuring the shopper’s potential new friend. Be sure to have a look at the video below for a presentation of the project!