Enhancing the feeling of belonging to a place where the sky joins the sea, the residential project captured below in pictures, was designed by Gómez De La Torre & Guerrero as a tranquil summer retreat for the body, mind and soul. Symbolically dubbed the Cristal House (Lima, Peru), the breathtaking villa emphasises the idea of full transparency, drawing in the sunlight. With natural light filling the double height living room, which by the way, forms the central part of the house and an elongated terrace with jacuzzi and pool lounge area to enable beautiful sea vistas, Cristal House is a wonderful place to indulge and relax.

According to the architects, the terrace “has a differentiated floor, a deck, where there is a jacuzzi and a retractable roof, made of translucent polycarbonate and aluminum, that will remain open in the summer and when closed, it will protect the house when it is uninhabited. In winter it protects from the cold, fostering a warm and lit atmosphere.” Originally, the house was intended to serve as a summer gathering place, yet the owners decided to move here permanently. Spreading over three levels, the house features a six-car garage, a kitchen with pantry, several small bedrooms and a master bedroom overlooking the sea, additional laundry for beachwear and last, but not least, a spectacular terrace to spend the evenings.