BULBING is an original lamp design based on a clever principle, which we believe you will find captivating. Product designer, Nir Chehanoswki of Studio Cheha takes everyday objects like a light bulb, a candlestick, and a lamp and forces people to rethink the way they perceive these items: “I aim to preserve the old and the familiar and translate it into the New World. Bulbing is a development of my earlier works, using 3D wire-frame images and transferring them onto 2D materials, to create functional and delicate design pieces that trick the eye“, the designer stated. Check out the video and see how the product works!

BULBING has been made from man-made fibers, natural materials, and both machinery and artisan handwork, which are harmoniously blended. The changeable design is made from an acrylic glass sheet, which is known for its incredible light transmitting properties (more than glass and plastic). The base is made from high-quality plywood birch. And the light is LED, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours that does not overheat. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Studio Cheha]