Serpenting along alpine Lake Wakatipu near Queenstown, New Zealand, this long and dark construction is home for a family of five. Architects Bronwyn Kerr and Peter Ritchie of Kerr Ritchie designed it for themselves and their three children. It was intended as a family lake home where solitude and natural beauty meet modern living. Caught in photos by Paul McCredie, the different details of the Drift Bay House make it an overwhelmingly beautiful modern family home.

An interior courtyard separates the family lake home to the north from the guest wing to the south. The main social structure extends upwards, shaping a double story that rushes summer sun inside. On the other side, the guest volume was also enlarged towards the sky, making the steel-clad roof look like an asymmetric butterfly. Timber boards line the walls, bringing warmth and modern elegance to an irregularly-shaped lake home floor plan. Inside, the architecture offers a sequence of spaces that range from tall and lofty to compact and homey. Large windows bring in the scenery. This creates an openness that draws the lake inside, infiltrating it in the family’s daily routine. Well-crafted and cleverly oriented to benefit from all surrounding elements, this modern lake house lets imagination drift away while you enjoy the summer breeze and panoramic views of New Zealand’s longest lake.

How would you spend your Sunday afternoon there?