DOCK IT station is a modular relaxation system designed by AMOSDESIGN for public areas, shopping galleries or large halls. The system offers not only various seating modifications but it is also a place nowadays extremely sought-after since its advantage is the possibility of recharging tablets or mobile phones as well as the Wi-Fi connection. With a growing need for constant connectivity, we believe we will see more and more public dock stations, which is why we decided to feature this post on Freshome and see what you guys think of this upcoming trend.

The system invites you to a stopover, quick relaxation, and communication. It offers great variability of both dimensions and colours. You may combine the individual elements into compositions or you may be leave them placed freely. According to the requirements, the system elements may be shortened or prolonged. Swarms of large fish or submarines as objects flown around with water have been the inspiration of this design. The objects are placed into the flow of moving visitors of the given premises. Material used is Corian®, upholstered elements / fins are equipped with electric sockets. DOCK IT may be adapted to any interior by the choice of colours, sizes, and compositions. [Photos and information provided via e-mail AMOSDESIGN]