Conveying a carefully structured mixture of wood and concrete into an inviting Australian beach home, the design team behind this project wonderfully collaborated to compose the perfect background for a fulfilling family life by the beach. Architect Paul Jones imagined the imposing beach house in Western Australia as a fascinating collection of lofty living space. Precision in building can be seen in builder Zorzi South‘s work, whereas the details of each space were put into play by interior designer by Nina Dempster of Ozbyrd Design. The fabulous Eagle Bay Residence is a contemporary masterpiece overlooking the Indian ocean and mirroring its elegance, boldness and inspirational force.

Wood was used to define the warmth showcased both inside and out. Vertical pacific teak cladding was used on the facade, while painted white cedar lines the walls and ceilings inside. Recycled tallow-wood floorboards lay at the owner’s feet and solid cedar cabinets punctuate the rooms. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow for the garden to visually become part of the design and flood the warm and elegant rooms with natural light. A custom lift, carefully chosen furniture for each space, detailed modern features like a polished plaster fireplace or the outdoor alfresco balcony in teak, these all make you dig deeper into details. Despite the fascinating modern amenities (including a coolroom), the casual beach home feel lingers in every room.

We’d love to know: If you had the chance to live in this elegant Australian beach home, what would be the only thing you would bring here from your current home?