We stumbled across the imposing Vibia Plus ceiling lamps, a series of interesting lighting pieces designed by X. Claramunt and M. de Mas. Offering a diffuse and uniform light distribution, the units come in a diameter ranging from 800 mm to 1200 mm, making them instantly noticeable. Some of the models are asymmetrical, providing a unique lighting experience.

Here is more information, as provided by the project developers: “The Plus Collection is an exercise in light and architecture that resonates the feeling of comforting daylight. The design adopts the form and function of a real skylight, simulating the sun’s rays filtering through an opening in the ceiling. The finish options and materials used in the fixture create the effect of soft architecture, having the appearance of seamless integration into the ceiling“. The lamps are available in matte white lacquer finish, though the whole fixture can be painted in the desired color to make it blend perfectly into the ceiling. Each design isequipped with dimmable ballasts so that light can be adjusted to different scenes.