Located in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico, this contemporary family home photographed by Mito Covarubias hides its true open nature from prying eyes. Part of Hernandez Silva Arquitectos‘ portfolio and known as Casa Jacarandas, the imposing structure flaunts a tall vertical window on the closed facade, but the green wall and glass staircase cage behind the parking space seem to hint towards the existence of a splendid open living space. Stone stairs welcomes guests to the open and bright residence, although they don’t know how surprising the interiors are.

Opening fully towards the backyard, all social and private spaces have a connection to the outdoors. Here, curved stone walls adorning a small pond invite owners to get lost in their daydreams. In the evening, the house lights up beautifully and the accent falls on the green plants present throughout. Wooden slats filter sunlight both in the front garden and the back courtyard. A disciplined balance between concrete, wood and greenery composes a visually appealing exterior design. Spreading over 905 square meters, the transparent modern home brings relaxation through a permanent connection between the elegant interiors and the inspiring outdoors.

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