A modern family house resting in a quiet residential area is many people’s dream. Slovakia is today’s virtual design destination. Located in the village of Kyncelova near Banská Bystrica on a 11,500 square feet lot, this modern family house known as K2 House (left) is part of Pauliny Hovorka Architekti’s portfolio. Neighboring another project – called “Dom Zlomu” – designed by the same architects, this new home is being inhabited by an elderly couple who wanted to live next to their children and grandchildren. Greeted by a bold yellow entrance softening the concrete appearance, guests experience an inspiring geometric play that continues inside.

Viewed from the street, the uplifted, unusual shape of the K2 House seems intended to match the next-door neighboring home belonging to this couple’s children. Architects agree that this solution allows multiple generations to “enjoy privacy of their own living space whilst sharing common external areas”. Furthermore, “while designing the K2 House, the aim was not to create a supplement to an earlier built construction but a fully-fledged house with an independent and tailored concept.”

The elevation seen from the outside is reflected inside by two one-flight staircases connecting the different elevations while shaping three independent levels. The modern family house thus expresses this inner layout through its dynamic, unusual architecture: “The division of the building into three levels allows to meet the client´s requirement to separate thoroughly the study room from the main living area of the house making it sound-proof and independent as it is often used as a guest room.”

Some of you are already building a home – did you ever consider this family-friendly solution of living next door to your parents/grown children?