Tsai Residence is a peculiar weekend house designed by HHF Architects in collaboration with Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei, in Ancram, New York. Home of two art collectors, the venue reflects their taste for simple abstractionism. House is defined by four identical box-shaped volumes made of wood and covered with corrugated metal panels. All four volumes comprising rooms with different functions are connected to each other via small passageways. The sequence of living spaces reminds of a private gallery. Light comes in through cut outs and openings, creating an interesting effect.

Interior feels bright, airy and modern, neatly decorated in natural colours. “The floor plan contradicts the austere outer form, dissolving the four volumes into living and exhibition spaces that exceed the individual boxes and whose structure serves only as a rhythm for the lighting design. The rooms of differing heights are arranged on a line that passes through the house via two small staircases in the form of a loop.” The house is surrounded by large expanses of green, allowing residents to enjoy the soothing tranquility of the countryside.