No 210 is a fresh residential project defined by Buildall Homes Inc. in Toronto, Canada. Contemporary and eclectic, the interior encourages experimentation in terms of design. From extravagant light fixtures, to translucent plastic chairs, modern artwork and unpolished (shabby-chic) furniture items – this living space exudes a distinctive elegance. Social area includes the living room and kitchen divided by a dining table and a countertop with mint green mini seats. Despite the peculiar combination of styles, the interior looks fashionable and feels cozy.

A set of stairs leads you to the bedroom, located at the mezzanine. It’s interesting how the old fuses with the new. The pipes became part of the décor. As a matter of fact, metallic details play a significant role in decoration. Not only it’s used to bring industrial architectural elements into your kitchen, but also to highlight the character and sophistication of industrial chic present throughout the all house. There’s a thing with neutrals – soft earthy cues of colour encompass the entire living area. Do you think industrial details add a sense of refinement to your home?