Finally, an app that allows you to experience virtually, in 3D, how products will look in your home! Villeroy & Boch Augmented Reality App brings a large range of high quality products from some of the finest V& B collections, Joyce, Subway 2.0 and Legato, directly in your bathroom. It’s a fast, simple and fun way to preview real products, in stunning detail!

How it works

First, you have to download the Villeroy & Boch AR App from the App Store or Google Play Store in your mobile device (phone of tablet). Guys, the good news is that the app is available for free for both, iOS and Android users. After you’ve downloaded the app, access the company’s webpage and download the AR-Marker. Print it out. Place the AR-Marker on a flat surface and scan it using the app. For scanning you need to point your device’s camera on the AR-Marker. You should be able now to see Villeroy & Boch products projected in 3D in the room.

The best thing about the app is that it allows you to visualise products in their original size, from all angles. Unlike going in a store and seeing only a limited range of choices and colours, the V&B AR App brings your selected products in all shapes and sizes, in all colour variants. As an add-on, the app includes an innovative consultation tool to help you decide what suits you best. Have fun exploring!