The LACESCAPE TABLE by Miro Roman & Luka Vlahovi interweaves the threads of technology and tradition.

The table was designed by Croatian lace-makers, and completely digitally designed and fabricated. The designers take advantage of the rich artistic history of Croatian lace, utilizing multiple patterns: “We direct our focus on a series of objects that will celebrate the richness and diversity of Croatian lace-making: the beautiful and the mesmerizing patterns, the imperfect and the flawless ones“, explained the developers.

The table is made of laser cut plate, which is then bent manually.

Conceptually, the table examines the ways in which intangible cultural heritage leaves its mark on the future of digital design. Say the designers, “We want to play with the postmodern legacy of quoting and collaging by using algorithmic design. We quote, rummage and play with the elements of cultural heritage. We take them to infinity. Instead of nature, culture becomes a haven for our algorithms. ” [Images via Lauba ]