Find the idea of living in a small apartment unappealing? Just have a look at this ingenious 26 square meter minimalist crib envisioned by Mili Mlodzi Ludzie in Lazarz, Poland. Not only does “Peter’s Flat”(the official name of the project) come with a highly modern look, but it also boosts creative storage solutions for practical living, all within a budget of €8000.

Various compartments are cleverly hidden behind the white walls, stylishly camouflaged by an irregular black line pattern, scattered throughout the house: “Desk, TV, storage space and kitchen are hidden within the white front panels. Handles along with the lines on the ceiling and walls, are arranged in a broken, designated intersection of four non-orthogonal planes of walls and panels. Modest budget and Peter’s love for minimalism brought us to this design solutions“, explained the designers. This combination of black and white minimalist decor is only disrupted in the living area, where a colorful geometric carpet was strategically placed. The sleeping bed was integrated in a suspended area above the bathroom, accessible via a minimalist black ladder. Find the place as intriguing as we do?