Haptic, a London-based architectural studio envisioned a great interior filled with minimalistic design features. Youthful and tastefully decorated, the Idunsgate apartment (Oslo, Norway) just got cooler and believe it or not… larger! How could this be possible? Well, to enhance the idea of space, the team responsible with the project came up with a clever idea: a steel powder-coated white staircase which floats above the ground in the apartment’s décor. Overlooking the living room, the new addition hangs down from a ceiling beam and connects the ground level with the mezzanine above. Furthermore, the staircase divides symbolically the living room from the kitchen.

Before you reach the floor, the stairs come to an abrupt end, choosing for the final steps to it to be “made” by room-based elements, thus both areas have an important contribution to the junction and growth of the place. Upstairs, there’s a small roof terrace and the bedroom. The hallway that connects the bedroom to the staircase serves as a viewing platform. One can sit an observe every move in the living space below. Besides enlarging the space, the staircase also has the role of unifying the living areas, bringing the two floors into one.