Russet Residence is a 4,600 square feet home located on a steep slope of land in West Vancover, Canada. This modern house was completed last year by Splyce Design, literally embracing nature. The house’s front was tucked into the hill while the rear of it opens to the ocean. The objective for this project was to create a relaxing home environment fully connected to the landscape. Floor-to-ceiling glass panels substitute regular walls allowing residents to enjoy the lush and uninterrupted vegetation. Cedar trees and and Douglas fir are so close that it feels like your living room and the woods are one.

This reclamation of space is clearly pronounced in the dining room, where it projects out fifteen feet unsupported. By eliminating window frames and extending the glazing panels on all three sides of the room, past the floor and ceiling planes, the space dissolves into the adjacent forest canopy and provides framed views though to the ocean beyond.” With surroundings that are ravishing and inspiring, the house stands as a contemporary fortress, capturing views from every single angle. Embracing both, the forest and the ocean, Russet Residence enhances the feeling of breeziness throughout the house, despite its robust materiality.