Nested 164 feet above sea level, on a solitary cliff (100 miles away from the city of Santiago, Chile), Tunquen House is a single-storey family home envisioned as a contemplative modern refuge. Designed by Nicolás Lipthay Allen / L2C, the residence frames astounding views, encouraging inhabitants to connect on a visual and spiritual level with the ocean. In order to disconnect from a consumptive lifestyle, needless to say, one doesn’t need much: waves colliding and crashing on the rocks, the salty scent of the shoreline and soothing sounds from the depths.

Defined as a single volume of white concrete, Tunquen House outlines the wonderful outdoor environment. Living room, kitchen and dining occupy the core of it, with wide-stretching views on two sides. “Attached to the living area is a courtyard that has multiple functions, the most important is to be outside sheltered from the wind, in connection with the view and the interior of the house. This same courtyard provides the access, an outdoor dining area and garden.” Besides the great views provided by the living area, the house accommodates several rooms for guests, a bedroom for children and a master bedroom with services.