Surprised by the unusual entanglement of life-like branches and custom-made structural beams? We were too, then took a closer look at Henrique Oliveira‘s alluring installation only to find that the vegetal world was craftfully merged with its organic counterpart. Photographed by André Morin, this surprising installation shows how the Brazilian artist interlinks existing elements, materializing ideas. Thanks to emerging artists, we can look at discarded objects turned into the reality of an idea.

This large installation (2,200 sq ft) named Baitogogo was displayed at Palais de Tokyo in Paris last year. Curators see the site-specific installation as: “Creating a spectacular and invasive Gordian Knot, Henrique Oliveira plays with Palais de Tokyo’s architecture, allowing a work that combines the vegetal and the organic to emerge. The building itself becomes the womb that produces this volume of “tapumes” wood, a material used in Brazilian towns to construct the wooden palisades that surround construction sites.” Beyond the materials, the story runs deeper. Catch the story behind the construction in the video below the photos.