Geometrix Design completed a black&white bedroom which showcases a straight forward approach, despite its complex array of textures and finishes. If you recall the studio’s previous project, a special living room with futuristic detailing completed for a family of musicians, then the bold design of this bedroom (discovered by Freshome on Homedit) will not come as a surprise: “In this project, we applied the principle of parametric architecture again; however, this time the work was more elaborated: there is no space between panels (the viewers won’t care about dust), that’s why the wall looks like a complex monolithic element with intricate curves, some features serve as shelves, and some of them are decorative only“, the designers explained.

The focal element of the composition is uncountably the curving wall, delivered in a graphite grey&white finish. A leather quilted bed with a ceiling-high head, a cube-shaped mirror and a walk-in closet were all perfectly integrated in the overall scheme. How do you find the result? [Photography by Kamachkin Alexander]