P048 project was designed by Dane Design Australia in Dunsborough, Western Australia for a family eager to start a new life. This is a tranquil and restful house that features two floors and frames the best beach-views from the surrounding area. A cantilevered balcony (top floor) is the house’s most impressive addition. It connects the inhabitants with the sea on a visual level, offering them an inspiring everyday image. In the evenings, as the sun is setting down in the sea, residents can enjoy the calming sound of the waves while basking in the company of their loved ones.

Exterior of the house is coated in glass, allowing light and fresh air inside. “Shutters clad with sawn timber battens adds a balance of texture to the rendered and glass façades. Black stone floors used throughout living spaces with carbonised oak flooring and timber detail to compliment the stone. Simple and elegant bathrooms that combine matt white with additional use of the black stone.” The striking simple design as well as the serenity encompassing the house played a key elements in completing this wonderful, uncluttered home.