Built on a rectangular plot in the outskirts of Bruges, Belgium, this modern house by CUBYC architects features large canopies which protect the building from overheating. According to the architects, HS Residence replaces a 60’s bungalow: “The existing building was demolished because it did no longer meet the current comfort and energy requirements. The location of the former building dictated the position of the new property.” Offering a succession of different perspectives and experiences, the design of this Belgium retreat is well adapted to the various needs of contemporary living.

An open plan living zone with unobstructed swimming pool views acts as the core of HS Residence. Featuring plenty of openings, the project can be described as airy and extremely spacious. However, white corridors and minimalist arrangements make some of the rooms feel sober and devoid of personality. How would you personally describe this home? [Photos by: Koen Van Damme & Bart Musschoot]