Located in Sousas, one of four districts from the city of Campinas-Sao Paulo, this four-level home by 24.7 Arquitetura Design defies the provincial air with its bold modern architecture. According to the architects, the overall design was guided by the optimization of natural resources, such as sun lighting and ventilation. The house plan tends to an L shape, enabling greater integration between the ground floor and the courtyard, acting as an outdoor extension of the kitchen and dining room.

The most striking architecture element is a cube-shaped facade with 5.5m overhangs towards the front of the terrain, ensuring an intriguing sense of lightness to the overall design. Sustainability was a major factor when planning Guaiume House: “The project is ventilated naturally and most of the lighting is provided by sun-rays; furthermore, there are plenty of shaded areas generated by trees, creating possibilities for leisure and providing a healthy environment and improved quality of life for its occupants“. [Photography: Pedro Kok]