ZPSTUDIO sent us photos of their latest work, a series of objects evolved from a research on traditional and avant-garde techniques and manufactured in collaboration with Tuscan craftsmen.

Clochette table lamp is a copper lampshade that clings on a white Carrara Marble pedestal, with a pink marble sphere as a handle to direct the beam of light. The unique design enhances the qualities of natural, classical materials. The marble base is made through CNC machines and then accurately refined by hand; the copper lampshade comes from a copper plate, that is turned on a lathe over a solid wood counter-form.

Ottone Secondo table lamp brings together two peculiar manufacturing processes , both standing out par excellence and deeply grounded in the tradition of Tuscan craftsmanship: the white Carrara marble base pedestal is processed through CNC machines and then accurately refined by hand. The brass lampshade is turned on a lathe from a brass plate, over a solid wood counter-form, the same technique as the one used to turn the silver cuples for the ancient Florentine embossed silver manufacturing.

Made out from a single Carrara marble block, Plug has a simple structure and multiple use: if placed on the floor, it can be used as a stand for three umbrellas. If turned around, it acts as a nice candle holder. Plug is made in Carrara by skilled marble workers through CNC processes, and then carefully refined by hand. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by ZPSTUDIO]