This striking Chicago loft is located in a famous building that once housed the National Biscuit Company in the West Loop neighborhood, now known as “Nabisco” . The impressive multi-unit crib is located on the upper floor and is packed full with charming industrial elements. A large array of materials and textures reduce the scale of the place and give it a homey look.

According to the developers at Besch Design, one of the most fascinating part of this loft is the kitchen, located in one of the old ovens used for baking. The steel parts for the oven doors are still embedded into the exposed brick. Additionally, the master bedroom has an opening that overlooks into the living spaces on the first floor. What we like best about the project is definitely the accent wall improvised using reclaimed barn wood, currently used to display some of the Owner’s guitars from his collection. What are the elements that you like best? [Photography: Peter Nilson]