Everyone has an idea of how their perfect house would one day look like. Daniel Martin Ferrero, principal of Martin Ferrero Architecture took his vision to another level and planned Xalima Island House, as “as a poem to the horizon framed by the sea”. The video below transports you to a faraway land, bathed in sun rays and mist, where modern architecture details mix with a fascinating rocky landscape.

Xalima Island House is described as architecture dedicated to the senses. The renderings depict a spectacular and opulent modern residence with numerous terraces, where water plays a major aesthetic function. Since this pretentious project was not yet built, no further details were given to us by the architects. We only know that it was imagined in “stone, steel, glass, wood and nature“. Enjoy the virtual tour below, which covers amazing exterior perspectives, as well as intricate interior details. What is your personal idea of a dream home? [Renderings and information provided via e-mail by Martin Ferrero Architecture]