We’ve presented plenty of peculiar design ideas on Freshome but this one is absolutely mind-blowing! You all love the summer, right? The park alleys, the fresh smell of morning dew, the flowers. For those of you who can’t get enough of it and keep looking for the summer all year long, we have excellent news: you can now experience that feeling anywhere, anyhow, as long as you have the Summertime sofa with you. Summertime is a scented sofa designed by the Italian artist, Valerio Berruti for Gufram, one of the most groundbreaking design and furniture companies in Italy. The couch was inspired by the classic park bench you chill out on, in a lazy summer afternoon. It has relaxing properties and it’s made of comfortable polyurethane foam, offering a unique seating experience.

“Thus Summertime wishes to be an instrument of pleasant idleness; an invitation to a gentle relax of a initial summer days – those that still lift a smell of budding flowers; those that let us suffer a initial temperate balmy days; those of a initial swims in a sea; those of a initial ice-cream cones.” Highlighting the idea of easy summer living whilst exploring the first days of the season, this sofa releases hints of cinnamon and orange fragrances. The delightful sweet scented couch was produced in just 250 numbered pieces and there are two versions available: burnt sienna and copper green.