By using mixed media on canvas, corrugated plastic and wood, artist Aakash Nihalani created Vantage, an intriguing array of artworks. The “series” consists of site-specific installations within a display gallery, and various permanent and temporary urban installations around Rome, Italy. The 3D illusions are said to evoke the constant crash-encounters between the physical and cerebral dimensions of our existence.

Here is more from Aakash Nihalani regarding his work: “Most artists use a canvas in order to paint on a limited surface. like a painter I start with the canvas, but I also explore the ways to sculpt and paint around it, using it as a visual object in and of itself. these paintings, like the majority of my work, are created with a specific point of view – a frontal one – where the illusion exists and the shapes seem to come to life“.   The exhibition opened on April 5th and will run until 17 may 2014. Have a look at the video we’ve uploaded at the end of the post in order to see the artist in action!