Blok Wschodni /Eastern Block is a collection of paper cut-out models representing various modernist buildings in Warsaw, Poland. The series has been created by Hispano-Polish graphic design studio Zupagrafika and is made up of iconic examples of functional architecture in the Polish capital (Rotunda PKO), some less classic buildings, however, familiar to the city dwellers (Za Zelazna Brama district, Smolna 8 street, Mokotow), as well as “Wielka Plyta” prefab blocks from the outskirts (Tarchomin and Pulawska districts).

The series is eco-friendly as it is made from 100% recycled paper and cardboard. The buildings illustrating paper objects are all hand-drawn. Every item includes a short technical note informing about the architects, year of construction and exact location. The main idea behind the collection is an attempt at understanding the city from its outskirts towards the centre and viewing it from a reverse perspective, as well as emphasizing the equally significant role both the anonymous and very recognizable architecture has got in shaping the city`s identity. The complete collection is edited and distributed by Zupagrafika and can be ordered online from their site or purchased in bookshops and concept stores around Poland. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Zupagrafika]