Designed and defined by Nico van der Meulen Architects, the exquisite House Duk is a wonderful property that invites you to enjoy the benefits of the outdoor living. Nested within a nature reserve near Johannesburg, South Africa, it provides a large array of recreational possibilities and naturally, it encourages residents to embrace and explore the beauty of nature. The spacious two-storey mansion is encircled by a landscaped garden which can be admired from every room in the house. That’s a big, big plus! A covered patio serves as an extension to the living room. The two environments (in and outdoor) merge seamlessly creating the perfect warm and welcoming home. 

Natural materials and earthy tones of colour intentionally adorn the house to discreetly match the surroundings. Comfort and elegance result from the carefully selected décor elements, the inspired combination of colour hues and the smooth textures. Both floors feature outdoor lounge spaces. “The best part of this design is the way the entrance entices your curiosity with long stone cladded screen walls and once inside, the transparency and openness of this home that lies behind these solid entrance walls creates interesting contrast.” Undoubtably, this is a captivating home, a delight for the eyes and a soothing place where you can retreat to and relax in whilst enjoying the wonders of nature.