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Under the slogan “Shopping Made Simple,” Amazon launches Amazon Dash, a small hi-tech wand that aims to make shopping more convenient. The new product is about the size of a remote control, and it features both a microphone and a bar-code scanner, which allows users to either speak the name of the product they need or scan its bar code. With a simple setup, Dash connects to your Wi-Fi network and from here on registers what you need.

According to the producers, the gizmo helps buyers choose from over 500,000 products, ranging from fresh grocery and local products to electronics. The new device works with AmazonFresh, the company’s delivery service that currently only operates in Southern California, San Francisco and Seattle. If you would like to give Amazon Dash a try, you can sign up here. We’ve also uploaded the presentation video below. Have a look and feel free to share your thoughts on this new Wi-Fi shopping system!