Designed to store all sorts of objects, Balka Console is a sleek and modern furniture piece that adds a sense of colour and freshness to any home entryway. With a peculiar design, a top made of oak and a crazy yellow bag drawer, the item envisioned by Gregoire de Lafforest VIA Project Assistance Grant is the perfect place to deposit those “small treasures of everyday life” that lost their use (sets of keys, clothing buttons, batteries and such). We tend to collect all kinds of objects for no particular reason. Therefore, every home keeps a stash of “little things”with no particular functionality. The purpose of Balka Console is to replace the classic tray, where you keep those, with something a little bit more pretentious.

Boasting a simple, neat design, the top of this funky furniture piece is supported by solid plastic legs. Wood and plastic work well together here. “The oak top of the console, pierced with a drain, allows objects to slide in and disappear in a flexible bag drawer. Stored, the user can keep them there indefinitely or unearth them at any time.” Balka Console is, besides, that item that helps you better organise those little things of no particular, a functional table. [ Photos © VIA 2014 – Colombe Clier]